Blessings And More Blessings





       Many have never experienced the beneficial effects of water, and are afraid to use one of heaven's greatest blessings. 

       The use of water can accomplish but little if the patient does not feel the necessity of also strictly attending to his diet.  

Frequency of the Bath.

       Persons in health should . . . by all means bathe as often as twice a week. Those who are not in health have impurities of the blood. . . . The skin needs to be carefully and thoroughly cleansed, that the pores may do their work in freeing the body from impurities; therefore feeble persons who are diseased surely need the advantages and blessings of bathing as often as twice a week, and frequently even more than this is positively necessary. 

       Frequent bathing is very beneficial, especially at night just before retiring, or upon rising in the morning.

Manner of Giving the Bath.

       A bath, properly taken, fortifies against cold, because the circulation is improved; . . . for the blood is brought to the surface, and a more easy and regular flow of the blood through all the blood-vessels is obtained. 

      . Reduce the feverish state of the system by a careful and intelligent application of water.   

HL 226-227