Blessings And More Blessings



     God has given us night as one of his greatest blessings, bringing quiet and repose to overworked bodies and minds. We cannot prosecute any labor, however interesting and essential, without periods of rest, when the human machinery shall stand still. When the hour of retirement comes, we should yield to nature's sweet restorer. If her claims are not obeyed, if the hours of sleep are abridged, the result will be weariness and want of every power. God has not constituted men to pursue one round of either labor or enjoyment.    

      ….. God instituted the Sabbath as a day of rest to repair nature's exhausted energies. No mind can continue day after day without cessation, either in business which taxes the mental powers, or in the acquirement of knowledge, without injury. There is no night in Heaven. There is no wear and weariness of the human machinery. There we shall never be sensible of fatigue; never need or want repose. There is no tire in performing God's will; we shall never be wearied in sounding his praise. We shall always have the freshness of the morning. But as we are now in this world, with bodies which weary, we must pay heed to God's plans, and take repose when we need it.

PH043 38-39